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Summer fashion tips from Reefat | Goa

Fashion stylist and designer Reefat Shaikh in Goa gives us expert tips on comfortable summer clothing. Stay in vogue with Reefat Shaikh, designer, Goathese cool and trendy ideas.

Colors and Prints
•    Wear pastel colors that light up in the sun. Lively shades are a fantastic option.
•    Black and white colored stripes (horizontal as well as vertical) are in. Flaunt them.
•    Wild, creative prints like animal prints and big leaves will help make great fashion statements. Do not opt for boring shapes and prints. Go for extraordinary, abstract patterns.
•    Bandhini prints are excellent especially for evening wear and go very well on corsets, gowns and dresses. Make sure your Bandhini print contains shades of violet, yellow, orange, lemon green and cream. A bit of shimmer and bead work on the same enhances the look further.

Fabrics and Outfits
•    Dresses are the way to go this summer. You can wear them during the day as well as in the evening.
•    Kurtas are yet another option for this season. Wear them on jeans, capris or pants and you’re good to go. Khadi and cotton fabrics in the kurtas are highly recommended. Ensure that they come in a good fit. You can also substitute the kurtas for short dress tops.
•    Khadi in office wear like blouses are a great choice to keep you fresh and cool in the sweltering heat.
•    Long tops on shorts would be comfy. The trend is to wear tiny shorts that almost go unnoticeable. Team it up with T-shirts with comic designs and humorous sayings. You can also customize these with texts and designs that suit you. Visit Suraj Dot Com in Panjim, Goa to print your own creative designs on T-shirts. You could otherwise use buttons of different colors, shapes and sizes and create your own pattern.

•    Sandals and chappals are suggested footwear this summer. Go for the ones with lots of straps and strings. Buy them in colors like white and beige with a little glitter or shimmery effect.
•    Wear bright colored bracelets, bangles, rings, earrings and necklaces. The trend is to wear one big bold accessory that stands out instead of too many together. So if you’re wearing a big necklace, do not wear big earrings and bracelets at the same time. Pearl jewelry and bead jewelry are in.
•    Belts are yet another beautiful accessory to enhance your outfit, especially dresses and tops.
•    Big is the word with sunglasses, bags and clutch bags. Wear big bags to work and carry your clutch bag on an evening out.  

The heat is perhaps just an excuse for us to look good, isn’t it?

By Pooja Vinod
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