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Pubbing Down the Road in Goa | Goa

What you see – Down the Road is a classy pub in Panjim, bustling with music, dance and all night revelry. Local patrons are seen enjoying a drink, even shaking a leg and crooning away unabashedly to Karaoke tracks (every Wednesday and Sunday night). The ambience is comfortable and doesn’t get boisterous. Life size pictures of popular entertainment personalities like Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe in her signature pose add charm to the interiors.

What you get – Down the Road offers various choices in alcoholic beverages and cocktails. Food accompaniments in the form of Chicken tikka and Tandoori slices are there as well. Only snacks are available here.

You can gather with your friends and occupy one of the tables that come with snug, cushioned seating or hop onto the high stools here. You could even just lounge outside the pub under the moonlit sky near a creek on the parapet. The visual delights from here are appealing and relaxing. In fact, even the pub looks like a Portuguese house from here.

But if you wish to dance to popular hip-hop numbers and English pop, stay put in the pub. There is no separate dance floor or in-house DJ here but no one’s stopping you from dancing.

Our verdict - Down the Road’s USP is its Karaoke Nights. These happen only on Wednesdays and Sundays so those are the days you should visit. On other nights, it’s just another ordinary pub. The ambience is good though the washrooms are very average and tiny in size. No complaints when it comes to the service, though when the pub is packed to the seams you may have to head to the bar counter and place your order. Getting through to a waiter will be difficult. Parking may be a little tough here though many use the side of the road.

Anytime between – 7 PM – 2 AM

By Pooja Vinod
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