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Music instruments at Pedro Fernandes | Goa

 What you see - Pedro Fernandes is the ultimate haven for all music lovers in Goa. We walked in and saw the long line of guitars displayed in different colors and could immediately smell the freshness of music in the air. Numerous varieties of guitars, violins, drums, flutes and a whole other range of musical instruments span across both levels of the store. 

Pedro Fernandes store, GoaThe store is quite small and tends to get cramped as there is hardly any circulation space. However, its essence lies in the instruments that it sells and the top level reveals a dazzling collection of it. We see numerous Indian musical instruments like sitars and dholaks apart from several miniature models displayed neatly on glass shelves. Stunning rock guitars and drum kits comprise a large part of the other section.

What you get - Pedro Fernandes has been in this business in Goa since the year 1928. No wonder, the proprietors and the staff seemed to know it all when it comes to assisting customers on what instruments to purchase.

The brands available here include GB&A, Pluto, Ibanez, Fender, B C Rich, Slammer, Yamaha, Selmer and more. GuitarGuitars (Rs. 1,800-75,000), violins (Rs. 2,300-27,000), keyboards (Rs. 1,800-1.5 lakh), drums, mandolins, wind instruments (Rs. 6,000-35,000), percussions and djembe are a few of the western instruments available here. Traditional music lovers can choose from sitars, tablas, harmoniums, tanpuras, dholaks, veenas, didgeridoos etc. Left handed and electronic versions of instruments in veenas, dilrubas, tanpuras, sitars, guitars, violins etc are worth a pick.
Indian musical instruments
In addition, a host of music instrument accessories (bags, hard cases etc), music books, song books along with fascinating audio and sound equipment such as mixers, speakers, amplifiers, DJ consoles and ampli-speakers are available. Repairs, customization and full repaints including graphic designing on instruments are conducted here as well. Service provided is up to the mark. Delivery within a radius of 10 kilometers and after sales service is provided too.

Our verdict - Be assured that A–Z of anything and everything to do with music instruments can be found here. Music lovers can enquire on information on music classes too. Instruments are given out on hire as well for video shoots, events etc. Parking may be difficult to find.

Anytime between - 9.30 AM – 7.30 PM (Closed on Sundays)

By Pooja Vinod


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