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Inox Multiplex in Goa | Goa

What you see - Inox Multiplex is undoubtedly the most frequent choice amongst people in Goa to catch a good flick particularlyInox, Panjim, Goa over the weekend. The standards maintained here are incomparable to other theaters in the state. It is situated in Panjim and it’s not surprising to find people coming from Margao and Vasco as well to watch a movie here.

Inox is a huge four screen multiplex with 1,272 seats. It has an enormous courtyard in the front which is the venue for most popular events and parties in Goa such as the annual ‘Grape Vine Festival’. Beauty pageants and college festivals are also held here regularly. Besides, The International Festival of Goa usually scheduled towards the end of November every year is a time when Inox is seen bustling with activities because of visiting celebrities and highly acclaimed foreign film screenings. During this time, the theater remains closed for regular movie screenings.

A Baskin Robbins ice-cream counter, a hot dog cart together with a whole range of snacks, pop corns and soft drinks to dig into are available inside. A mini book store is also present for those who wish to while away their time before the movie starts.

What you get - Inox regularly showcases all the latest releases in English movies and Hindi movies. From time to time, a few movies in regional languages like Malayalam, Tamil and Konkani are also shown. Shows run all day long in the mornings, afternoons, evenings and late nights as well. Comfortable air-conditioned seating is provided and the audio-visual quality leaves no room for complaints.

The stairs leading to the seats are lit to make it easier for people to move about and find their seats in the dark. The ticket prices vary from Rs. 90 to Rs. 190 depending on the show timings and days of the screening. For instance, the tickets are priced high over the weekends. Advance bookings over the phone are possible for which the tickets need to be collected in person at least 45 minutes before the show begins. Internet booking facility is also available.

Our verdict - Inox is by far the only decent multiplex in Goa to watch a movie with friends and family. The place is usually packed to full houses over the weekend especially in the case of much awaited blockbuster releases. Ample parking space is provided.  

Anytime between – 9 AM – 12 AM

By Pooja Vinod
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