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INOX - Panjim

  • Category:Music and Movies, Entertainment
  • Type: movie theatres
  • Phone: 0832-2420999
  • Address: Old GMC Heritage Precinct, DB Road, Campal,
    Goa - 403001.

Watch the latest English, Hindi, Konkani, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam movies and have a good time here at Inox multiplex. Apart from the usual pop corn and snacks available at most multiplexes, Inox also plays host to a bookstore and a Baskin Robbins outlet.

Editorial Review

Inox Multiplex is undoubtedly the most frequent choice amongst people in Goa to catch a good flick particularlyInox, Panjim, Goa over the weekend. The standards maintained here are incomparable to other theaters in the state...

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