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Beachwear at Black Orchid | Goa

What you see - To most tourists, Goa conjures up images of swaying palms and sun kissed beaches; of pool side fun and passion-filled scented tropical nights.  The Black Orchid in Calangute, Goa indulges and completes this tropical fantasy. It is a boutique store in north Goa with fashionable wear and accessories. And aptly named by the owner for being special and rare, it has shelves stocked with exclusive pieces of both branded and unbranded goods.

Located on the main road in Calangute, it cannot be missed even amidst the chaos that the touristy beach villages of Goa present. The glass façade of the store makes the store inviting and a quick peek from the outside often leads to an even quicker entry and perhaps an exit with a lighter wallet and heavy shopping bags.

What you get - The Black Orchid is owned by Anjani and Harish Jaswani. Their first boutique by the same name was opened in Mumbai in 1978, and the Goa branch was opened in1991. However, the Goa branch became so busy for the Jaswanis that they closed the Mumbai one a few years later. Anjani describes her store as interesting and fun with loads of variety and styles. The store was stocked for a long time exclusively with garments which were manufactured in-house. Now they have included branded apparel and footwear, yet they manage to retain a sense of exclusivity.

The stock is displayed over a large area, which catches the eye and invites a deeper dig into the shelves. Discerning clients will definitely spot a find or two that they will treasure.  The parquet mezzanine is stocked with footwear which largely consists of floaters, summer wear and beachwear in brands like Crocs, Nike and Adidas in a wide variety of patterns and colors. The larger ground floor has a spread of beachwear, swimwear, inner wear, holiday clothing and summer evening wear for both men and women. Older children may find a thing or two but this is not a place to shop for children.  The colors range from flamboyant to more sober colors, for post holiday blues.

The T-shirts and summer dresses are enticing and it won’t be surprising if you land up shopping for more than you planned on buying.  You can also find accessories to match your ensemble as well as a smattering of knick-knacks and kitsch to complete the holiday getup. The price range starts from an affordable mid-range to more expensive branded apparel and footwear. Expect to spend between Rs. 750 and Rs. 3,500 on garments, and upwards of Rs. 1,500 on branded shoes. Trial rooms are available to check out the collection.
Our verdict - The “Black Orchid” should definitely be on your to do list if you plan on shopping while in Goa, or if you have come ill prepared for the sand and surf. It’s an ideal place to accessorize your ensemble or pick up something fashionable to take home. And even if you just want to browse, you will find it in an interesting place where people discuss Goa and the change it is going through. The only thing that you might wish for is a wider variety and stock for children, as besides Crocs and swimwear, there is not much for them. Customer support is minimal during the off season but more staff is taken on during the season. Adequate parking space is available for both four and two wheelers in front of the store.

Anytime between – 10 AM – 7 PM (Closed on Sundays)

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